Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Letter to My Sister I've Never Met


Today is your 16th Birthday! Its the beginning of your teenage "freedom" so to speak. It's the beginning of dating and driving and preparing for bigger decisions in a few short years. My Advice: enjoy it! Don't let it slip away with regrets of things you could or should have done. You don't get those times back.

I remember the time when you where born and leading up to your birth. Mom spent many hours with tear-filled eyes and days when it was the "swelling" heart moments and yet other days were breaking moments. Mom faced moments of harsh judgement  and lots of questioning. When you were born mom would hold you and you would cry and cry but in the moment when she placed you in your mommy's arms the crying faded and peace filled the room. Your daddy watched as tears streamed down his face.

Mom didn't give you to strangers, she helped Heavenly Father bring you home to your mommy and daddy who had been waiting for your arrival. Sometimes prayers aren't answered in the way we want or even expect for ourselves and sometimes prayers are answered by our Heavenly Father through the earthly angels in each of our lives. Your mommy and daddy might say that mom is the earthly angel and mom would say your mommy and daddy are her earthly angel. I want you to know Heavenly Father loves you and is aware of you and your needs. He has a special purpose for you and has given you a mother and father and siblings who love you without end. He has given you a birth mom and birth sisters who love you without end. He had given you family and friends who love you without end.

I think about you often and wonder what you might be thinking. I wonder about your likes and dislikes. I wonder about your interests and hobbies. I wonder about your personality and quirks. I wonder about your achievements and heartbreaks. I wonder if somewhere there is a little bit of me in you. I think about you each time we gather as a family to snap a photo (which is A LOT) and wonder what it might be like if you were here with me. But never for a single moment l have I thought that maybe mom made a mistake and you were supposed to be with me right now celebrating your 16th Birthday.

I know without a doubt in my mind that there was no mistake made. You are NOT a mistake. You are exactly where God knew you would and needed to be. You are loved. You are loved beyond mortal comprehension. You are beautiful.  I love you and look forward to the possibility of meeting you one day. Until then, I will treasure the little things I do know of you.

Find joy in your journey. Allow God to be your guide. Hold fast to the Iron Rod and never lose hope. Always remember who you are and more importantly who's you are. You are His. He loves you perfectly. Always look up and don't look back. You are fit to be a queen. Stand Tall. Never give up.

Happy Birthday ❤️


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